What’s the TRIMP score?

TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) is a metric based on heart rate that is designed to capture the training load generated by an activity in a single number. TRIMP can be used to evaluate the effect of training over time. We use the TRIMP exponential heart rate scaling formula.

Setting the correct unit system

We support both the Metric and the Imperial system.

You can set the Metric or Imperial system in the applications themselves. You can also set the preference in the Selfloops website. For the website, follow this link: https://www.selfloops.com/account/profile

In the Metric system: Kilograms KG are used for the weight, Km and Km/hour are used for distance and speed.

In the Imperial system, Pounds are used for the weight, Miles and Miles/hour are used for distance and speed.