The International Positive and Negative Affect Schedule Short Form, I-PANAS-SF

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The I-PANAS-SF, developed by Edmund Thompson, is a shortened, 10-item version of the original PANAS scale. The I-PANAS-SF, like its predecessor, yields two distinct scores: Positive Affect (PA) and Negative Affect (NA). However, the I-PANAS-SF is more concise, featuring a reduced number of items while maintaining its reliability and validity.

The validated scale consists of two 5-item mood scales: one for positive affect (e.g. active, inspired) and one for negative affect (e.g. afraid, nervous). Participants self-report the extent they experienced each mood state, allowing easy snapshot measurements of key attitudinal dimensions.

Unlike lengthier assessments, the brevity of the I-PANAS-SF is particularly advantageous for busy athletes and coaches, allowing for regular assessments without a significant time commitment. This enhancement in efficiency makes I-PANAS-SF a valuable update for those looking to integrate psychological assessments seamlessly into their training routines.

SELFLOOPS has integrated the International Positive and Negative Affect Schedule Short Form (I-PANAS-SF) on the website and smartphone applications.

You can find more info in 0ur blog post.

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