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In the competitive realm of sports, coaches and athletes are constantly exploring innovative methods to improve performance.

While physical training and sports performance analysis are fundamental, there’s an emerging recognition of the significance of psychological factors.

We have integrated a set of psychometric tests in the SELFLOOPS platform such as the BRUMS, PANAS, I-PANAS-SF, VAMS scale, and the Feeling Scale.

These tools offer a comprehensive view of an athlete’s well-being and performance, heralding a new era in sports management.

Psychometric tests are available in the SELFLOOPS Spark app. The results are on the web site. The results are by default private to the user.

Remember, in the world of sports, success is not just about how hard you train your body, but also about understanding and nurturing the mind.

You can find the results of the tests in the website, in the Performance Tests section.

For more info, please check our blog post.

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