Apple Watch for Group Fitness

The Apple Watch can be used to join a Group Fitness session as a heart rate monitors.

These are the steps to add the Apple Watch to your Group Fitness sessions

1) Your clients need to install the Selfloops Spark app from the App store and grant the Health options. The Selfloops Spark iPhone app includes the Apple Watch app

2) Assign an Apple Watch sensor to your client in the Equipments section in the website

3) Synchronize your clients on your device (iPad, Apple TV, Android)

4) Press START on the app

5)Your clients can start the Group Fitness workout on their Apple Watch

Polar and ANT+

The new Polar heart rate monitors now support ANT+, in addition to Bluetooth.

In particular, the new Polar H10 and the Polar OH1 support by default ANT+. If you have an old Polar H10 and OH1, you can update their firmware using the Polar Beat application for the Polar H10 and the Polar Flow app to update the OH1. Please refer to Polar website and support for further information about this.

To use Polar ANT+/Bluetooth heart rate monitors with the SELFLOOPS Group Fitness applications you need to enable either Bluetooth or ANT+. If you do not do it, you will see two device numbers on the screen (one for Bluetooth, one for ANT+).

To enable Bluetooth or ANT+, use the Polar Beat app and pair the heart rate monitor in the Settings of the Polar Beat app.

With the OH1

Enable “Visibility” if you want to use Bluetooth.

Enable ANT+ for ANT+

The same steps apply to the H10. The H10 has some additional options.

For Bluetooth, enable only the “Visibility” option.

To use ANT+, just enable the ANT+ option.

Add multimedia content to the Group Fitness sessions

We have created an integrated experience that makes it possible to simultaneously track sensors and play multimedia content in a single application.

This features is available in our Group Fitness Premium application and allows a coach to play videos and/or music while tracking the workout data.

With just one click, it is possible to switch, during the session, from the video to the tracking screen.

The multimedia content together with the structured workouts feature allows the coach to create highly interactive and structured experiences.

How It works

Three steps

  1. Enable the multimedia feature in the Settings of the application
  2. Upload your media content on the Android device
  3. From the main screen, select “Media Content” and then select your multimedia content.

After that, you just need to select START to start the session and have the real-time data tracking together with the video.

The arrows icon on the top right of the main screen allows you to switch between the real-time tracking screen to the video.

How to transfer files to the Android device

There are different ways to transfer files to your Android device.

  1. Use a computer, see Transfer files between your computer & Android device
  2. Use a USB memory stick (if you use a tablet or smartphone, make sure you have a USB OTG cable together with the USB memory stick). If you have an Android TV, install a file manager app, like for example the FX File Explorer.
  3. Use Bluetooth. If you have an Android TV, install a file manager app, like for example the FX File EXplorer.
  4. Use Dropbox or Google Drive or any other cloud services to download files to your device.


The Group Fitness applications have the option to add gamification to the experience. You can enable this option in the Settings of the application.

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) applied in this case to fitness workouts. Gamification encourages engagement with the service and makes the experience more fun.

Selfloops Awards, Badges and Achievements

Zone Mates: recognition given to the two athletes that have completed the workout with the most similar heart rate zone distribution in the entire class. (More than two participants are required in the class).

Zone King: recognition of the athlete that have spent the most time in the heart rate zone the group trained the most in (More than one participant is required).

Range champ: recognition of the athlete that has reached the largest range between the lowest and the highest heart rate during the workout. (The calculation does not take into account the first 5 minutes. More than one participant is required) .

How It works

Enable the Gamification option in the Settings of the application. After the workout you can visualize the results and achievements by selecting the workout in the “Activity Logs” section and choosing the Summary view.

What is the meaning of the heart rate zones ?

The tiles in the screen will be colored during the session according to the specific heart rate zones the participants are in. The personal MAX Heart rate can be set for each user or it is calculated automatically by the application using the age of the user.

Which heart rate sensors are supported ?

The Selfloops Group Fitness PLUS and PREMIUM apps support any heart rate monitors that conforms to the ANT+ standard, Polar HRMs and the Apple Watch.

For a comprehensive list of ANT+ heart rate monitors, see

All Polar HRMs are supported, including the Polar H7, Polar H10, Polar OH1, Polar A360, Polar A370, Polar M200 and any other Polar sport watches with optical heart rate monitor.

We support standards and we basically cover all the heart rate monitors on the market.

Which bikes are supported ?

We support the Spinner Chrono bikes by Precor, the Schwinn bikes with the MPower console, the Keiser M bikes, Technogym Connect bikes, the Spinner® Blade ION™ bikes, and any ANT+ bike power meters such as the Garmin Vector, SRM, PowerTap, Stages, 4iiii Precision, Wahoo Fitness Kickr and many others.

For a comprehensive list of supported bike power sensors, see this link.

Do you support MINDBODY ?

Yes, we support MINDBODY, you can import your clients on Selfloops.

With the MINDBODY integration your users, user signups and classes are automatically synced with Selfloops.

Which mobile devices and tablets are supported ?


You need an Android device with USB Host Support and Android version 3.0 or higher. Basically all modern Android devices on the market are supported. Android 6 o higher is required to support Polar heart rate monitors.


You need an iPad with iOS 11 or later.


All the Apple TVs in the market