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Playing a video during a group fitness session is possible. The video runs alongside the live data, but only one screen is visible at a time. You can choose to display either the live data or the video. The video starts playing when you begin the session, and during the session, you can easily switch between the screens.

To utilize this feature, first, activate the Media Content option in the app’s Settings. In the Media Content section of the group fitness app, select the desired video to play. On the main screen of the group fitness app, you can toggle between screens using the button located at the top of the screen.

Make sure to add the videos to the website. To do this, select the video library option from the training plans menu on the website. The player supports videos in the HLS video format. If you use services like Vimeo, you can export the video URL in HLS format and add it to the video library. When adding the video, select the generic type in the website.

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