Why the application does not connect to my heart rate monitor ?

Make sure you wear the heart rate monitor and that the sensor pads are wet (the moisture helps create a good bond between the belt and the skin). The sensor will not pair if you’re not wearing it.

Make sure the battery is well positioned and placed on the correct side in the battery housing.

Try replacing the battery with a new one if the one in the heart rate monitor is old or does not work.

Make sure that in the Settings of the application, the option  “Only registered users” is disabled.

Make sure you use the heart rate monitor is supported by the application you are trying to use.

Below our applications and the supported heart rate monitors:

For the SelfLoops Group PLUS and PREMIUM apps make sure you are using an ANT+ certified HRM  or a Polar HRMs like the Polar H7, Polar H10, Polar A360, Polar A370, Polar M200, any other Polar sport watches with optical heart rate monitor and our HRMs.

If you use Polar HRMs and Android, make sure that:

  1. Android version is 6 or higher
  2. Position permission is enabled for the app
  3. Position/Location is enabled in the device

Can I use the SelfLoops Group Fitness for PE (Physical Education) ?

Yes, the SelfLoops Group Fitness service can be used for PE to motivate students and keep track of their fitness activities.

During the class, teachers can monitor the student fitness activities with the real-time feedback provided by the application. After the class, feedback can be provided through the SelfLoops website. Students can access their online profile in the SelfLoops website and see their activities and progresses.

We have established the SelfLoops Group Fitness PE Program to serve schools and universities. Please, contact us for more info.

Why cannot I see the calories?

Make sure “Recording” is enabled in the Settings of the Group Fitness application.

Calories are shown for registered users only.

Also make sure the weight and age are correctly set for the users. Check the weight unit system in the Settings of the application to make sure that it is the one you want.

Calories are calculated by the application, not by the heart rate monitor.

What’s the TRIMP score?

TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) is a metric based on heart rate that is designed to capture the training load generated by an activity in a single number. TRIMP can be used to evaluate the effect of training over time. We use the TRIMP exponential heart rate scaling formula.

Why do my clients do not receive the email reports?

To send email reports an Internet connection is required.
When you send email reports you should get a popup telling you that the emails were sent. If the email reports were sent, make sure the clients email addresses were correct.
Also people should check their email spam folder, in same cases the email report could end there.