Why the application does not connect to my heart rate monitor ?

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Make sure you wear the heart rate monitor and that the sensor pads are wet (the moisture helps create a good bond between the belt and the skin). The sensor will not pair if you’re not wearing it.

Make sure the battery is well positioned and placed on the correct side in the battery housing.

Try replacing the battery with a new one if the one in the heart rate monitor is old or does not work.

Make sure that in the Settings of the application, the option  “Only registered users” is disabled.

Make sure you use the heart rate monitor is supported by the application you are trying to use.

If you use a Bluetooth Smart HRM with the SelfLoops Group Fitness Blue app make sure that is not paired already with another application or device. Also, do not pair the heart rate monitor in the Settings of your device.

Below our applications and the supported heart rate monitors:

For the SelfLoops Group Fitness BLUE, make sure you are using a Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Low Energy) certified heart rate monitor.

For the SelfLoops Group PLUS and PREMIUM apps make sure you are using an ANT+ certified HRM  or a Polar HRMs like the Polar H7, Polar H10, Polar A360, Polar A370, Polar M200, any other Polar sport watches with optical heart rate monitor and our HRMs.

If you use Polar HRMs and Android, make sure that:

  1. Android version is 6 or higher
  2. Position permission is enabled for the app
  3. Position/Location is enabled in the device