How do I manage heart rate monitors and add users?

Each heart rate monitor has a unique identifier built-in.

The device number must be associated with a user. Once the association is made, every time a person will wear that heart rate monitor, our application will automatically recognize him. This must only be done once.

Finding the Heart Rate Monitor Device Number

Our cloud services make it easy to manage the associations and keep your data safe. All your data in our cloud services are backed up. If you change or break your device you can easily recover all your data with the press of a button.

See Cloud services getting started guide.

What’s the range of the system?

164ft (50m). It also depends on the specific heart rate monitors used.

However, Selfloops repeaters can be used to extend the range of the heart rate monitor signals. WiFi coverage of the area is required.

How to upload data on the website?

To upload data to the website using the application you have to:

  1. create a group in the website
  2. add your clients to the group
  3. record a session on the Group Fitness application
  4. upload the session
  5. The steps are described in the Cloud Services guide.

When you add your clients to your group, they will receive an email. Make sure your clients have clicked on the link on the email and have verified their account. Clients with unverified accounts will not have data uploaded in the website.

How do I send email reports?

Email reports can be  sent after the session. A personal email report summarizes the session and includes statistics and information such as the average heart rate, max heart rate, calories, TRIMP points and a bar chart with percentage of time spent in the 5 different heart rate zones.

Email reports are sent automatically at the end of the session. However, you can also send after the session. Only a single press of the button is required to send the email reports to everyone in the session.

See the Cloud Services guide.

This is an example of email report.

I want to use an iPad, which version should I use?

If you want to use an iPad you can choose the Group Fitness Plus (for clubs and gyms.)
The Group Fitness Plus  works with Polar Bluetooth HRMs and ANT+ HRMs. With an iPad, to use ANT+ HRMs you should use our Selfloops repeaters.
The Group Fitness Plus for iPad supports the Polar H7, Polar H10, Polar A360, Polar A370, Polar M200, any other Polar sport watches with optical heart rate monitor and our HRMs.
This is a comprehensive list of ANT+ HRMs: