Can I use wrist and arm based heart rate monitors with the Group Fitness app?

Yes. We support a large variety of heart rate monitors. We support  both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ heart rate monitors.

For example, Mio devices, the Scosche Rhythm, the Polar A360, Polar A370, the Garmin VivoSmart HR all work well with our applications.

You can also use sport watches, like the Garmin 735 and any Garmin sport watches with an optical heart rate monitor, see our blog post:Group Fitness and Garmin VivoSmart HR.

The Polar M200 and any other Polar sport watches with optical heart rate monitor are supported as well.

We also support the Apple Watch.

The heart rate monitor gives me strange values

Does the heart rate monitor give you strange values? Is it bouncing from low to high values?
This could be a problem with the heart rate monitor itself, however, most of the times the problem can be easily fixed.
Make sure to moisture the electrodes/pads on the chest strap  before wearing the HRM. Sometimes dry electrodes cause this sort of problems.
The problem can also be caused by a depleted battery, try replacing it.
You can reset it. Check your heart rate monitor manual for more info on how to do it. In some HRM models this is how it is done. Take the battery out, turn it upside down and hold it in for 10 seconds. After that, put back the battery as usual.

Setting the correct unit system

We support both the Metric and the Imperial system.

You can set the Metric or Imperial system in the applications themselves. You can also set the preference in the Selfloops website. For the website, follow this link:

In the Metric system: Kilograms KG are used for the weight, Km and Km/hour are used for distance and speed.

In the Imperial system, Pounds are used for the weight, Miles and Miles/hour are used for distance and speed.

Can I use Polar sport watches and activity trackers with the Group Fitness application?

Polar has released sport watches and wrist based fitness trackers with built-in optical heart rate monitors.

These units are able to broadcast heart rate data and our Group Fitness applications support them.

If you have a Polar A360, A370 or a Polar M200, or any other Polar sport watch with optical heart rate monitor you can use it with our applications.

To enable the connection with the app, make sure you select an indoor Group Exercise activity profile in the device.

If you use Polar heart rate monitors with Android make sure you:

  1. enable Bluetooth on the Android device
  2. give the location permission to the app
  3. enable GPS in the Android device
  4. your Android OS version is 6 or higher

Do your support the Apple Watch?

Yes, all our Group Fitness applications support the Apple Watch.

To use the Apple Watch, you need to install the Sloops application from the Apple App store.

For more info, please contact us.

Android and Polar HRMs

Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitors, Polar watches and Polar activity trackers with optical heart rate sensors are supported by our Group Fitness application on Android devices.

In order to have it working with Polar devices you need:

Android 6 or higher
Grant the location permission for the app
The location/GPS must be enabled in the device
Bluetooth must be enabled in the device